Seminar workshop:

The seminar is composed of four parts.

1. During the Opening event of the seminar each facilitator outlines their particular take on and approach to ‘Possibilities of data for social research’.

2. Each facilitator will also present a detailed lecture where all participants are present.

3. Each facilitator leads three workshops where they will engage with their lecture, others’ lectures, their and others’ assigned readings. This structure requires participants to select a facilitator for the whole duration of the two days and stay within those workshops.

4. The course will finish with a Final discussion where we bring together ideas explored in the four workshops and lectures during the two days.

During the two days there will be plenty of opportunities also to talk to other facilitators, for example during the breaks or dinner.

Participants are asked to prepare for the seminar the following ways:

1. Participants also need to prepare a short 1.000 words essay for the seminar. This paper will be the basis on which participation in the seminar will be decided on. The extended deadline for paper submissions is extended until June 30th.

All participants need to read: Koro-Ljungberg, M., & MacLure, M. (2013). Provocations, re-un-visions, death, and other possibilities of “data”. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies, 13(4), 219-222.  (if you do not have institutional access to this article please contact us) that problematises data in social research and have to relate the questions posed in that paper to their own thesis or research project.  The essay needs to be concluded by posing an agenda / questions for themselves for the seminar that they wish to address or seek answers to.

This essay must be sent to either or

2. During the initial registration to the course, participants will be asked to give a preference for facilitators. Participants will remain with the same facilitator for the whole two-day seminar, except of course the lectures, opening event, and final discussion. We will try our best to fit everyone within their first preferred group..

3. Participants are expected to do the assigned readings for their workshops which will enable all to have more in-depth discussions. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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